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Respect Minilla (Godzilla)

Minilla, the Son of Godzilla

Play for maximum effect.


Name: Minilla
Also Known As: Minira, Minya, Milla
Minilla is the juvenile son of Godzilla, first introduced in the aptly named 1967 film Son of Godzilla. He appeared in two more films in the Showa Era, made one guest appearance on a TV show called Go! Greenman, and then appeared in a small but important role in 2004's Godzilla: Final Wars.
Minilla was discovered on the remote Solgell Island, when a group of mutant mantises known as Kamacuras found his egg and broke it open, causing the young kaiju to be born prematurely. Godzilla quickly arrived to the infant's aid, and assumed the role of a father figure, adopting Minilla and raising him as his own.
Minilla would later go on to 'help' Godzilla and Earth's other monsters fight and defeat King Ghidorah once and for all, and would then appear in the dreams of a kidnapped, traumatized little Japanese boy. We won't be talking about that second thing in this thread. Since the defeat of Ghidorah, he lives in Monsterland with his father, presumably for the rest of his life. All things considered, it was pretty adorable.
In Final Wars, Minilla is discovered by an elderly hunter and his grandson. He hitches a ride with the to the site of Godzilla's final battle with Monster X, where he joins his father in the aftermath to walk into the ocean.
In both versions, Minilla's origin is unknown. It is presumed that Godzilla is not actually his father, and in both series merely adopted the orphaned kaiju. They do appear to be of the same species, however, as they sport similar looks and abilities. Additionally, Minilla is a very intelligent kaiju... sort of. He appears to have a level of sapience that other kaiju don't, able to understand human speech even shortly after being hatched, but otherwise acts like and has the personality of a small child.


As he's still just a child, his abilities are likely not fully developed. The abilities and traits he's displayed so far, however, are:



Breathe Weaponry

Intelligence and Personality

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Watch out t-series because that

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Catoftheyear on ABL closure: «I think lots of players were just on the edge of quitting Artifact already and just needed a small nudge to topple off the edge»

Thanks u/cat0ftheyear for his time, thanks every single ABL volunteer and Opsy for their effort hosting hourly tournaments, building leaderboard and wonderful main events.
His lines from Discord
… a crowdfunding campaign that is only backed by me is not a crowdfunding campaign
literally none of the people who said r willing to support this in the past few weeks moved a finger
here's the wallet linked to the site, sadly all 3 contributions were test transfers i made from my previous abl winnings, nothing else:(
— Do you plan to continue hosting events/hourly tournaments in near future? Outside of ABL.
— No such plan.

— Have Opsy contacted any admins after that message in #admin_talk? Did he hint at leaving before or was it completely unexpected?
— No, was completely unexpected. After his few words in admin chat I spammed him a bit with question marks and he told me in private that it was due to valve's post about the super extra long haul with no updates in near future. And yes, that thing happened like 6 weeks prior... So either a very very delayed reaction, or he just didn’t wanna say the real reason :D

— Was there a reason behind choosing crowdfunding within BTC over, say, Patreon? For example, Weekly Artifact Tournaments chose the last one and there are currently 3 subscribers providing $8/mo.
— There are legal issues with accepting these sums of money over Patreon. With 8$ it's fine, but with hundreds it isn't. I’ll have to fill tax forms for that and things like that, pay taxes in my country which would be a huge cut, etc

— That’s reasonable. Do you think complete lack of donations was because of people’s unfamiliarity with cryptocurrency or is it because no one is actually interested?
— Probably a mix of both, considering the huge player drop after Opsy's announcement... I think lots of players were just on the edge of quitting Artifact already and just needed a small nudge to topple off the edge. But umm, regarding donations.. We were depending mostly on a few select individuals that contacted us in the week after the closure and said they would be willing to put in a few 100s of dollars for some months, so we didn't really count on people to like.. buy 5$ in BTC and donate that

— Do you think what is happening is Valve’s fault at some extend?
— Fault is an odd word in this context. The game dying is a result of their decision to not release content in the near future, obviously. TCGs don’t survive without content updates, but specifically ABL's closure is obviously not their fault. We did not expect them to fund a community project or something along those lines.. Although I saw quite a few people on Reddit who for some reason thought they might. Take hope where u find it I guess :)
I’m pretty sure that if valve intends to get Artifact back up at some point in the future, they will focus on reworking the game, not on maintaining a competitive scene for a few hundred people and no interest, right? As much as it would be nice for us, it makes no sense for the long term benefit of the game (and more importantly, let's face it.. for it to be a worthy business investment for their company)
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Random duplication & moving of data files on external 3Tb hdd since Oct '18

This problem started shortly after a win10 update. Initially my mouse started to jump all over the screen of my Medion Akoya S2218, [2 Gb mem, 32Gb 'hdd']. I had no control over it. It opened apps , closed them, moved & resized the windows, all extremely fast. I disconnected the mouse dongle, no change, tried to turn the computer off, wouldn't respond, so I had to rip off the bottom and disconnect the battery, waited 15 mins reconnected & rebooted & it was fine for a few hours but then it started over again, it was like someone had hacked into my computer and taken over and was playing silly buggers, but it still did this even disconnected from the net. This carried on for a few weeks and gradually lessened to the point where it doesn't happen anymore. but it now randomly duplicates &/or moves data files on my external 3Tb HDD, but seemingly not my C drive. I wondered whether or not it was me losing my mind because I've recently come through my 5th cancer experience and those anti cancer drugs really can do your mind in, this followed by a mild heart attack and a few weeks ago a mild stroke and now my memory's not so good anymore, but tests proved I am compis mentis, [so they saybut with poor memory recall & poor retention of events.

However, it was also about the same time I plugged in a new Jetech wireless mouse, not sure if there is any connection here. Plus every now again I'll look for a jpg/png only to find that it's unreadable, upon inspecting file, it is full of dots, no data, somehow it's got corrupted. Somtimes it's an individual file, sometimes it is a bunch of files corrupted.
I've run all of the apps I could find to check for any system corruption, bugs etc., including the latest MRT (?) file from microsoft, none of them showed any problems.
I should add that I have 2 of these laptops (LT13 & LT14) the problem started on LT13 and LT14 seemed to be ok. LT13 then decided not to boot so I changed to using LT14 and exactly the same thing is happening. I'm wondering if there is a bug on the opsys or just on the external HDD, but if the latter......where? If I move or copy my files over to a new HDD, will I be also copying over the 'bug' or whatever?

Quite how Medion expected win10 to run on 2Gb memory [non upgradable!] and a 32 Gb 'HDD' [also nonupgradable, chips soldered in!] beats the hell out of me. Win 10 is very hungry for space & memory, I'd like to change over to Linux but am unsure how to do this successfully, I'm having difficulty in selecting the right boot media. Can you advise me at all? Any ideas on these problems? I did try the medion site but find the site [medion] not very helpful.

One thing I have noticed is that when I put it to sleep the HDD seems to still be active in that the light keeps flashing as if data is still being written. I wouldn't have though that this actvity was normal whilst the computer is asleep.
Can any of you guys [or gals] make any sense of this.........and can you help me?........This whole thing is driving me crazy!

Yours respectfully, Davee
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Lenovo Graphics Dock: mixed first impressions

I am using a ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25, this is basically a ThinkPad T470 with a 940MX (and a classic layout keyboard). I am using an 1920x1200 24" monitor. The game I am most interested in, at this moment, is Civ 6. Running Civ 6 on minimal graphics settings makes the TP25 fan go pretty hard, that's hardly surprising. I installed the dock, installed the Lenovo provided graphics driver, reboot, switched Civ 6 to Ultra. Note: the fan doesn't come on during normal Windows operations.
Let's start Civ 6! Oh boy. The normal version has a very interesting visual artefact, it is completely unusuable The DX12 version works, crashes Windows on first try (opsie) but after reboot it works. And it tells the world it works! The fan is very audible. It's not the screaming of Delta server fans, it's a loud softer noise if that makes any sense. But after I wrote this post and I restarted it trying to record this sound, it's gone. Previously I could hear the fan quite clear and loud from about five meters / yards away and now I can barely hear it sitting less a meter away. What gives? So I am OK now but I hope never to hear that fan noise again (edit: after several hours of gaming on high settings as suggested it got pretty audible but never again that I-can-hear-it-howling-from-the-other-end-of-the-room level). Also I wish Lenovo used the 135W brick instead of the 170W even if that meant only 45W power delivery because the three prong connector is much, much worse for travel.
Regarding the build quality video: I can't reproduce this issue.
GPU-z screenshot:
Unboxing pics:
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Random Shit 68: Why Modern Feminism is Complete Bullshit: The Ultimate Facts Sheet. [By Eclectic Crafter]

Eclectic Crafter's great 300+ links Works Cited page showing all the times modern feminism has been full of lies, hatred, misinformation, and general awfulness. Read the full thing using the link below.


  8. LINKCEPTION (other bunch of sources)
  10. LGBT+

1) Most Human Traffic Perpetrators are Women, not men:
2) Marine corps proves men are objectively better soldiers:
3) Both men and women are ‘graded’ in school based on looks, men have it worse (contrary to feminist belief)
4) Men stronger than women on average:
5) Porn users treat women better:
6) Women wanted 2:1 in STEM fields
7) Men use logic more due to wiring of the brain:
8) Men are less likely to KNOW emotions, not have them:
9) Missing people by age, race, sex:
10) Bad things are happening less:
11) Marriage is lowering:
12) Women control households more than men:
13) Women taking children more when single:
15) And women usually spend more of the money:
16) Male victims, and their Perpetrators:
17) Rape stats (1 in 6 wrong)
18) Who are being parents:
19) Males Attacked More Than Women/ Safer world
20) Fighting back causes less crime
21) Domestic violence:
  1. Men are guilty until proven innocent:
23) Murder statistics for UK/US:
24) Men are twice as likely to be homeless:
25) Women live longer:
26) List of movies for bechdel test. More pass than not:
1) Court bias against men is at least 6 times bigger than racial bias:
2) Blacks on SNAP (food stamps) more:
3) Race on Race violence
4) Blacks have a higher chance to go to jail during their life:
5) Blacks have lower income, but less poverty stricken
6) Irish worth less than blacks, treated worse:
7) Whites being enslaved:
1) Wage gap:
2) Wage gap legality:
1) Discrimination against males:
2) Men make up 97% of combat fatalities
3) Men pay 97% of alimony
4) Men make up 94% of workplace suicides
5) Men make up 93% of workplace fatalities
6) Men lose custody in 84% of divorce cases
7) 89% of men will be the victim of at least one violent crime
8) 77% of homocides are men
9) Men are over twice as victimized by strangers than women
10) Men are 165% more likely to be convicted of a crime than women
11) Men get 63% longer sentences than woman for the same crime
12) 60-80% of the homeless are men
13) Women's cancers receive 15X more funding than men
14) At least 10% of fathers are victims of paternity fraud
15) Women tend to choose careers that pay less than men
16) Women killing more kids, mainly male
17) Logic and truth are considered abuse:
18) By the way, men ARE shamed for not having children:
19) Women are liked more than males on Fathers day
20) Men commit suicide 4 times more than women:
21) Vast majority (92%) of workplace fatalities are men:
22) Selective Service sources:
21) Unfair health departments:
22) Boys in education:
23) Feminists fighting against equal custody:
24) Story on reproductive rights:
25) Rape charge anonymity pledge dropped:
26) Mens shelter owner suicide due to lack of funding:
27) Changing of rape laws to favour female predators:
28) Domestic Violence Programs Discriminate Against Victims Who Are Male:
29) Suppressing certain portions of domestic violence:
30) Feminists petition government to give money to women, whilst men suffered most during recession:
31) Manspreading:
32) Feminists complaining against the "sexism" of helping men who had lost jobs, rather than women who had gained jobs:
33) Men being sexually harassed more:
1) Feminism makes women scared:
2) Belittles, encourages more rape of females:
3) Hypocrisy with female perpetrators:
4) Feminists want women to be treated differently than men:
5) Further reading for the 2% false rape claim (being false):
1) Why reproductive rights are a mess summed up by a Reddit user:
2) Majority believe in equality:
3) Feminists like to see white people cry and be harmed:
4) Things that are racist or sexist to feminists:
  1. Photos/Light/The sun -
  2. Barbeques -
  3. Art by Whites (art in general) -
  4. Being White: Merit:
  5. BDSM:
  6. Not being a drug addict:
  7. Air conditioners:
  8. Science:
  9. Seriously, Science:
  10. Stem is sexist -
  11. Peer review is sexist -
  12. Mars colonies are sexist -
  13. Meritocracy -
  14. History -
  15. Chivalry -
  16. War -
  17. Sexist anthems -
  18. Sexist money -
  19. Sexist attitudes -
  20. Rape culture -
  21. Monogamy -
  22. Fatherhood -
  23. Judaism -
  24. Christianity -
  25. The Church -
  26. The Dalai Lama -
  27. Not Islam, though -
  28. Sexist words -
  29. Sexist Books -
  30. Art is sexist -
  31. Video games are sexist -
  32. Magic the Gathering -
  33. Toys -
  34. Chess is sexist -
  35. Women's football -
  36. Boxing -
  37. Head injuries are sexist -
  38. Car crashes -
  39. HIV -
  40. Climate change -
  41. The police -
  42. The beer industry -
  43. Laundry is sexist -
  44. Air conditioning -
  45. Seagulls - -tactics-steal-lunch.html
  46. Tesco manual checkouts -
  47. Miss Universe -
  48. Hot guys -
  49. Feminist Fantasies -
  50. Hugging -
  51. A shirt -
  52. Wearing a tie -
  53. Dress codes -
  54. Poverty -
  55. Criticism of Hillary Clinton -
  56. Barack Obama -
  57. Obamacare -
  58. Barclays Bank -
  59. Clickbait -
  60. Hollywood -
  61. TV -
  62. The Scottish legal system -
  63. Society -
  64. Life Expectancy -
  65. Rioting -
  66. Not rioting -
  67. The Bechdel Test -
  68. Feminism -
  69. Equal rights for men -
1) One:
2) Two:
3) Three:
4) Four:
5) Five:
6) Six:
7) Seven:
8) Eight:
9) Nine:
1) One:
2) Two:
3) Three:
4) Four:
5) Five:
9. Prison Rape stats
1) One:
2) Two:
3) Three:
4) Four:
5) Five:
6) Six:
10. LGBT+
11. ETC. Order Fixing
1) The Top Five Feminist Myths of All Time:
2) Does sex equal consent to parenthood:
3) Feminists saying the 1 in 4 (1 in 5, 1 in 6) rape myth:
4) FBI's section about forcible rape:
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1 30 png Oopsies, I made a mess  Little Angel Kids Songs & Nursery ... Opties - YouTube

Zubereitung: Das Ei trennen. Das Eigelb mit dem Frischkäse und dem Eiweißpulver vermengen. Die restlichen Zutaten dazu geben. Das Eiweiß mit dem Salz steif schlagen und dann unterheben. Kry tot 92 elke 60 sekondes Real Binary Options Trading Universiteit PNG 1998). 3 Jodium tyd verander en spesiaal in partie MCAO modelle, T2... Voeg uw PNG samen zonder de beeldkwaliteit in seconden te verliezen. Gebruik onze fusie-tool om uw foto, afbeelding of afbeelding in enkele klikken te combineren. Download File History - Lalaloopsy Littles Lala Oopsie Doll Fairy Tulip for free. NicePNG provides large related hd transparent png images. Download this free icon in SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS format or as webfonts. Flaticon, the largest database of free vector icons.

[index] [1820] [2210] [4316] [5176] [4815] [6635] [2462] [747] [6590] [6356]

1 30 png

Watch the very best in painfully embarrassing and funny bloopers here. _____ #tttt #bloopersbest #dj100674 #intr... De Betere Wereld toont filmpjes die inspireren en informeren over de vele duurzame initiatieven die plaatsvinden. Kijk hier voor het laatste nieuws op gebied... Want to buy #PoopsieDancingUnicorn? Available at Walmart, Target and Amazon! Introducing the Poopsie Dancing Unicorn™, she's ready to sing and shake her magi... Oops, Baby John made a mess! Don’t you worry baby John, accidents happen but mommy will make it better. #littleangel #littleangelnurseryrhymes #littleangelki... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.